June 2, 2009

My Babies Aren't Babies Anymore! :(

They have turned 2!! :(
 We celebrated on their birthday, May 9! We had a great time. We had tables with finger paint and a small pool that my Mom bought them for their birthday. They had wonderful friends and family there and I thank all of you guys for the great gifts you bought each of them.  The past two years have been so fast! How do you slow it down?? Here are a few more pics from their party.
I just love her face in this one. She was so excited about her stroller and baby doll that her Daddy and I got her.

Don't I just look thrilled.

After some fun painting!
Daddy playing along with Brayden and his pals.
My mother and I made this cake for them. I was so proud of it! It's may not look perfect, but it tasted perfect!
These were the little outfits that I got Tina to monogram with their initial. I was gonna put something about 2 or mickey and minnie on them, but i wanted them to be able to wear them more than once. They are actually wearing the shirts again today!


Heather said...

Didn't our babies grow up fast. Your little mini mes are so cute.

Heather said...

Oh...the cake looks great.

Anonymous said...

The cake was delicious and beautiful :)