June 2, 2009

I Couldn't Resist!!

This one was on Easter at my Aunt Becky's house. Kenadi and Brennon 
played here for about 20 minutes.
I took this pic at the park one day, thought that it was perfect for advertisement
This is Brayden's BOO-BOO. Boy's will be boys!!  We had to take him to
 the ER to get his skin glued back together.
This was a day that they got to spend with Addison. Heather and Addison came down for a week to welcome home Addison's lil cousin Marlee. They stopped by Mom's on their way back to Ardmore to help us celebrate Grayson's fifth birthday!
They thought it was funny that Tuff was laying down, so they decided to too!
Kenadi loves animals so much!
Their mowers!

Kenadi with Tuff and her Papa.

Nothing like some dog kisses! YUCK!

My future lil farmer!

He loved watching the tractor

Gregg and I got this for them for their birthday. I came home from softball practice one day to find Gregg and Brayden asleep in our bed and couldn't find Kenadi anywhere, I happened to glance in the jumpolene and find her .

I decided to let them help Daddy wash his truck. They had the BEST time!

Everywhere Suds!!

This is what Brayden enjoyed the most. Spraying himself or anything 
else he could get away with.

Making a mess!! A good mess!!

Watering the yard

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Heather said...

I can imagine how entertained you are with 2, because Aiden does so by himself. He is so funny.