June 5, 2009

Grace that is GREATER than all My Sin.

I just LOVE the experience I had and the blessings I received from attending my very first Women of Faith Conference at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia last year. I am really hoping that I am able to attend again this year. I like to go on to my myspace and pull up music and listen to the beautiful music that the Praise Team brings through their talent and just worship God right along with them. They have the new cd out for this year's WOF. I have been listening to it to familiarize myself with the new tunes. Here is one that I just LOVE I hope that I am able to get it on here. The name of it is Grace Flows Down. It is beautiful! It talks about the Amazing Grace that we have from our Heavenly Father and how it cover's us. I just LOVE it. I have found it to add from Passion

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The biggest blessing that I experienced last year was Nicole C. Mullen singing My Redeemer Lives and she faced the deaf section and signed the entire song to them SO beautifully.. I just stood there in awe at the way she was trying hard to get these people who could not hear this beautiful song to experience the passion power and love that she had for God and how our Redeemer Lives. I cried standing there with the Spirit of the Lord filling me with His presence. Such a wonderful blessing. Again I hope that I can get this song on here. 

Since I talked about the Nicole C. Mullen thing,  I wanted to add a video that I found on You Tube. If you notice after she signs through the first chorus, she puts here hands in the air and shakes them which I think in sign language means celebrate/applaud. Hope you enjoy! :)


Cara S. said...
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Cara S. said...

ugghhh I have been going to WOF for the last 4 years and am going to attend again next month in Philadelhia. Every year it is absolujtly amazing. I agree Nicolle Mullen was amzing and literally brought me to tears. Was her daughter there for your conference? Did she get up and sing with her mother? Tear jerker I tell you.