June 11, 2009

Digital Cable

Have any of you guys had any aggravating interruptions with the new digital cable that we are now hooked in to? I had the worst time trying to watch The Bachelorette on Monday night. It was constantly looking like a defragmented mess on my screen and jumbling up whatever it was they were saying. SO ANNOYING! I couldn't enjoy my 2 hours of Reality Love for the stinking TV scrambling everything up. I vote for bunny ears!! haha.. no not really.. You know we have CONSTANTLY had trouble with PBS on the kids shows. It would completely go blank sometimes! URGH! Guess we just need to get satellite.. at least then we know to EXPECT it to get scrambled up during a rainstorm!

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The Presleys said...

We have Dish Network and love it! We even kept our reception through hurricane Dennis! It doesn't go out as often as you think and you get so many channels! I love Noggin for Gehrig! Make the switch! It's worth it!