June 2, 2009

Birmingham and Ardmore

Since I was out of work for a few months, the kids and I were able to go with Gregg to Birmingham for a few days. Gregg took the entire week off and We also went to Ardmore and visited Adam, Heather and Addison too. We had a wonderful week. We got to the hotel around 6 or so that night and went downstairs and ate at a Grille that was downstairs of the hotel. We got back up to the room and Gregg and I were exhausted. It was a long trip and we were ready to go to bed, HOWEVER, since B&K slept nearly the entire way to B'ham, they were wired!! We had them in the bed together and they were just a giggling and wrestling and having so much fun. It was fun to watch them but we were still tired. Well we ended up separating them and Kenadi and I got in one bed and Gregg and Brayden in the other. Well that wasn't very easy either. They were so restless and just would not stay still for nothing! I think I finally got to sleep around 1:30. Good thing was they slept in a little which gave us time to get up and get ready. Gregg had to leave around 8 and Nichole was coming to get the kids and me around 9 to take us to the zoo. We parked Gregg's truck in a parking deck and it was a wonder we didn't scratch the thing to pieces it was so tight in there. Well i KNEW that I was NOT gonna be the one to scratch it! :) So THANKFULLY Nichole came and got us! She lives in Calera which is just south of B'ham and just so happened to be off that day and real excited about going to the zoo. We had a GReAT time at the zoo. We were there until around 3. They enjoyed seeing all the animals and had a REALLY good time playing in the floor water fountain area. Particularly Brayden!! As soon as we got out of the parking lot of the zoo they were both passed out. Which gave us a nice ride back to the hotel. I wish you could have seen me carrying in 2 sleeping toddlers, 2 toddler car seats a double stroller and a diaper bag up to the 11th floor of a huge hotel! I literally had my arms FULL!! When you are a mom of multiples, you learn to do things that are impossible for singleton moms to understand! I don't mean to offend anyone at all. PROMISE but it's is just something that is formed into our brains when we are pregnant with them or something IDK? You manage to do the unthinkable! As I was parading through the foyer of the hotel looking like a side show, I was thinking, "Yep, I can handle another child." Being a mom of multiples is all about preparation!! Which I am sure being a mom of 2 or more is too, but when they are both babies and you pull up at wal-mart alone and they are asleep you probably wonder "how on earth am i going to do this" so here is my tip of advice for anyone learning to manage with 2 small children at the same time: As much as your husband probably warns you to never park near a buggy rack because you are more likely to get a scratch or a dent in your car, your husband has also never taken 2 children to wal-mart or the grocery store by himself. ALWAYS park close to a buggy rack!! That way you can get out, go grab a buggy, push it up close to your car and unload your children quite easily, now if one or both are asleep, always have a thick blanket handy so that you can lay it down in the bottom of the buggy and WALA a rolling playpen for them to sleep in! :) Now this tends to limit the number of items you can place in your buggy but you should save your big shopping trips to when you are alone or have an extra hand. OK I think  that I will go back and color this "side note story" that I just packed into my Birmingham/Ardmore blog for some apparent absent minded reason.. so just know that all that was free! :) Ok so anyway... Back to the week!! When Gregg got in from his meeting that day, We went and enjoyed a lovely meal at the Cheesecake Factory! I will recommend this delicious place to anyone! It was really nice and the food was wonderful. I chose the white chicken chili. We got bow tie pasta for the twins and I really don't remember what Gregg got?!? We had half a day left in b'ham and I had to check out at 11. This was another fun adventure. This time I had the double stroller packed down with luggage and I had to carry Brayden, push the stroller and pull the big luggage behind me. THANK GOD Gregg used Valet which kept me from having to drive out of that parking deck!!  Well Gregg wouldn't be getting out of his meeting until 3:30 so I drove ALL over downtown b'ham for about an hour then ventured to the Summit where I sat for about 30 mins in the truck while the kids napped. I rolled down all the windows and addressed their birthday invitations. Then I put McDonalds in the Garmin and made my way to another small town outside of Birmingham.. THANK GOD FOR GARMIN!! :) We spent about an hour or so at McDonalds and then Gregg sent me a message that he would be getting out in a half hour so we made our way back towards downtown and stopped at a BK close to Children's hospital. (i was familiar with it from when Kenadi had her surgery at Childrens) and got Gregg some lunch and then picked him up and headed to Ardmore. We arrived in Ardmore around 5:30 just in time to freshen up and head to Adam's church for their Wed. night service. After service we came home and enjoyed a pizza and some french fries. After supper we gave the 3 little ones a bath. Kenadi ended up slipping in the tub and hitting the corner of her brow on the porcelain tub OUCH! Gave her a lovely black eye the next morning (you will se a pic of it soon). We went to a park in Ardmore, TN and then stopped at the McDonalds on the way back to their house. I was not wanting to see another McDonalds for months and I haven't been back to one either! Some guys (and callie) got together from adam's church every thurs. and played floor hockey so we were able to go and take part in the fun. Gregg played and loved it. He even scored a goal! We woke up the next morning, had a wonderful breakfast with Heather and Addison and then loaded up and headed home around 9:30 or so. I enjoyed the entire week so much. Yeah, I had a few stressful moments, but overall we had a wonderful time!! Only thing is it really stinks coming home after being gone for a week and having SO much laundry to do!!  Here are some pics from the week:
This is Kenadi playing in the fountain at the Zoo

Brayden thought it was so funny!
I just had to get this picture! It was too funny!
Gregg about to make his goal at floor hockey
The girls playing cowgirls with the hockey sticks

I just love this picture. Kenadi looks SO MUCH like me here and something that I would be doing at that age. 
Kenadi's black eye from the bathtub
Brayden riding in the Jeep with Daddy and Uncle Adam
Addison is so cute with her pig-tails!
Kenadi, Addison and Brayden about to slide.
Adam swinging!

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Heather said...

Lots of fun!!! I know the feeling of juggling 15 million different things. I don't have twice the baby stuff, but mom's just have a mind of how to carry LOADS of stuff and to get it done.