June 2, 2009

Angel's Sweet 16

Gregg's younger sister, Angel, turned 16 on May 30. I wanted to make a cake for her for her birthday so I did some investigating (checked out Angel's myspace page) to see what kind of style she had. Well her page (on this particular day) had zebra striped stuff on it, so I found a really cute cake and was excited about surprising her about it. Well she came and stayed with us on Wed. before her birthday and said, "hey Mere I found a cake that I really like if you think you could make it for me."... I said ok, show it to me... UNBELIEVABLE it was the exact same cake! Can you believe that? Apparently I still have teenage taste!! haha!! 
Here is a pic of Angel with her cake. The diamond on the top layer has her initials and then there is a 16 on top of the cake surrounded by black and white candles!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Wow, I wished I was so talented. You're making me hungry for some cake.