February 21, 2009

Catching Up

Wow, It has been a while since I blogged! We have had a lot going on here at the Ramer House!! I started Brayden and Kenadi on a daily schedule and things have been going GREAT!! We have definately cut back tv time and Brayden is doing great going "TeeTee in the Potty!" he wore big boy undies just about all day yesterday! He even poo'd in the potty too!! So that was BIG excitement!! :) We had a playdate with Bethany Burgess on Thursday and that was fun! We have also made a trip to the park! It has been a little cold outside and I don't want them to get sick from being outside too much so we have had to limit our time! It's not easy coming up with indoor activities for this age with limited resources, but we are doing pretty good!

I have decided to coach softball again this year!! I said that I would never coach 13-15 year olds again, but here I am.. Thomas asked me if I would help him, and it does give me a little bit of a break during the week! So you will probably see some blogs about my annoying teenagers!! haha

We got a call from Kenadi's urologist. We have to go to Nemours on March 23 for an ultrasound and then we will go visit Dr. Wehry. Kenadi has to have ultrsounds every 6 months and then she has a VCUG scan done once a year.. that will be somtime around Aug. or Sept. Just some info on her kidney: Kenadi was born with severe hydronephrosis in her left kidney. We noticed it in my ultrasounds around 19 weeks or so... she had an ultrasound done the day she was born and then we took her to Sacred Heart in Pensacola to the Nemour's Children's Clinic where they did another ultrasound and also a renal scan that examined the function of her left kidney. Her kidney had nearly tripled in size since she was born to 7 weeks so the scheduled us to come in at 13 weeks for her to have a pyeloplasty done. They had a specialist come up from Orlando who was very familiar with this and when we went in on the surgery date, they had pretty much convinced us that there would not be able to save her kidney because it had very low function and had swelled so much. Gregg and I signed a form that allowed them to perform a nephrectomy if needed... after about an hour into her 3 hour surgery, the doctor came to us and told us they were able to save her kidney. We were so thankful! It's amazing how much prayer works!! :) What the procedure did was disconnect her kidney from the tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder.. (the tube had a kink in it) they fileted her kidney and reattached it to part of the tube that wasn't kinked up. It was a sucess.. we went in for her 6 month check up in Jan. of 2008 and Dr. Wehry said everything looked wonderful.. Well we had to go in again in Aug. for her to have an annual exam done which we ended up pushing to Sept. because she had her hemangioma removed from her neck in Aug. 08' . When we got to Sacred Heart, they performed a VCUG scan which examines if any bladder backs up the tube. Well her left kidney (the one the had the surgery) was fine, but her right (good) kidney had stage 2 reflux. Which isn't the most severe, but it isn't good. She is now on a daily anti-biotic and we have to keep a watch on what she drinks (no soft drinks) and eats (needs plenty of fiber). She is such a trooper! She is one brave, tough little girl! Anyway.. I guess I just felt like sharing Kenadi's Kidney stuff?! Oh- I know you didn't see my talk about Kenadi going tee tee in the potty.. we have to delay potty training with her because her doctor doesn't want us to put any pressure on any kidney... anyway.. just figured i would share that too.. don't think that i am just focusing on one child! :) There is a reason!! Anyway.. have a blessed week!!


Heather said...

That's fabulous that Brayden is going to the potty. Aiden takes his diaper off and says he needs to "bee-bee" and will not get near the potty. I guess he scared of it LOL. I wished he would potty train, that would save some money.

Smith said...

good post