January 25, 2009

Stay at Home Mom!!!

Well I am officially a Stay at Home Mom!! YAY!! Well acutally that is just another title for unemployed!! haha!! I quit my job on Friday! I had had enough!! I had been there 3 years and I couldn't take it any longer! I felt so much weight off my shoulders when I walked out of there with my head held high!! So I am gonna stay home with B&K for a little while and see what options are out there for me! Gregg and I have talked about me going back to school and getting the Elementary Education degree that I have longed for!! :) That excites me, but we are gonna wait a lil bit and see how things pan out! As you must know, this puts the house building on hold, but that is ok! The economy isn't the BEST in the world right now!! Just gives me more time to perfect the house plan! :) Anyway! That is my news for the day!! :)


Heather said...

Congrats Meredith!!! I know it will be great to get to stay at home with those two cute kids that have grown up on me quick. It was great to see you all to and I wish we could get back up that way soon.

DeAnne DuBose said...

You'll have fun staying at home with the twins! I love being a house wife!

Mandy said...

Isn't life good with your two little blessings???!!! Now I have someone to play with during the day (so does Levi :))!! Enjoy every minute of it!!