January 16, 2009

Happy New Year!

I just realized that I have not made a single post in 2009. I am very sorry for that late HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Everything has been so busy and I plan on (if i ever have any free time at home) to get on here and post some Christmas pics and all!!
2009 has started out with an ear infection and pneumonia for Miss Kenadi. I took her to see Dr. Bang on 12/30 and she had a horrible, nasty ear infection. The day we went Christmas shopping, we got to Troy and stopped to eat at Crowe's and her ear just started pouring!! I have never experienced that kind of ear infection before! Then Last Monday, when Gregg got in with her from Shorty and Evelyn's she was VERY warm!! I checked her temp and it was 102.8 so I gave her some Motrin and then she woke up around 11 that night and was crying and when i picked her up she was so hot. I checked her temp, while stripping her clothes and starting some tepid water and it was 104.2. Need I remind you that Kenadi has febrial seizures so anytime her temp spikes, so does my heartrate!! I climbed in the tub with her and just about froze!! We got her temp down and I put her to bed with us that night so that I could monitor her fever. Well around 1:30 she started stirring and so I felt her and she was burning!! I picked her up and ran to the bathroom with her, not even wasting time to check her temp. i knew she was hotter than before and her skin was red and she was panting so i got her in the water as fast as I could! Gregg kept telling me that I needed to take her to the ER, but i knew that i had dealt with enough high fevers with her and as long as we kept her from having a seizure, I wasn't gonna take her up there to be pricked and prodded 100 times! Later that morning, I called Dr. Bang and asked for him to order some blood work for her since i knew she had to have some type of infection with her fever that high, and her ears looked good so i was sure it had to be else where.. well he also ordered us a chest x-ray and sure enough, Pneumonia! We got her a shot of anti-biotics and started her on some breathing treatments! She is MUCH better now! :) Thank God!!
Enough about sick children! I have joined the other alabamians in the "Scale Back Alabama". We have a team Philippians 4:13. It consist of Hannah, Jennifer, Lori and myself. And if all 4 of us lose 10 pounds each, then it will put our team into a drawing for $1000 each. Isn't that exciting! I have a new philosophy when I think about eating that piece of cake. "Is that one piece of cake worth $4000?" WOW can you imagine!!! So I hope to lose about 30 pounds! Not necessarily in the 10 week time frame of course, but overall i hope to lose at least that much! So wish me well!! I need a new me!!


Heather said...

Sorry to hear about Ms. Kenadi. Hope she is all better now. She is such a cutie, so is Mr. Brayden. Good Luck with the weight loss, I need to lose about 30 myself.

DeAnne DuBose said...

Glad she is going better. Good luck with the weight loss!

DeAnne DuBose said...

oh my... doing not going...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith ( The Baby Snatcher) I saw your blog last week when reading Deanne Dubose's It's nice to hear from you and you precious little ones!! I need a huge favor, Do you remember what our Basketball record was when you were maybe a 10th grader. I know it was the year Crystal Smith was a Sr 1999-2000. I'm trying to figure out my # of wins since I started coaching and for some reason I have no record of that year. Any info would be much appreciated and I look forward to keeping up with you ! Coach Kelley Garner