December 3, 2008

Christmas Time Looking Back and Forward

Holiday's seem to be too busy sometimes! There is so much running around and so many presents to buy and putting decorations up and taking them back down.. Lots of baking and cooking and tasting.. but when I just sit down and really think about the holiday's I remember such good times! Every year since I can remember, we have always spent the night over at my Grandmother's house on the 23rd.. The entire family... aunts, uncles, cousins, great-cousins.. all piled into my Grandparents house... We share a great evening of usually hamburgers and hotdogs and wake up to pancakes and bacon or sausage. We would all sit around in their living room after eating breakfast, and just tear into all of our presents. Now it has become fun just to see the younger children open theirs! Christmas is about gift GIVING and that is really the best part.. seeing the happiness and excitement on children's faces as the get that gift that they just couldn't wait to have only to play with it a few days till the new wore off.... In remembering Christmas at my house growing up, we always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve.. well I remember starting that tradition when I was in 3rd grade. We would go into Mama's room for about 30 mins long enough for Santa to come in and put all our toys out and then Mom would come in and say Santa Clause came :) and we would go open them!! I have come to appreciate Christmas quite a bit over the years. It was the one time a year that everyone in the family would get together and sit around and laugh. I always enjoyed gathering with my mom's side of the family. We don't do that anymore and I truly hate it... Which I guess that is what happens when you grow up and have your own family and if I look at it, my mom and dad don't share christmas with their cousins anymore either.. I guess there just comes a point in time where it stops, and I suppose I am there! I really miss my Nanny during the holidays! She loved Christmas time. She would always wrap our presents in either newspaper or brown paper bags. She had an awesome chocolate cake! She gave me all her Christmas stuff the year she passed away. She had so many Santa Clauses!! She gave me instruction to take good care of a specific box of ornaments. They are so special to me. I have the box of ornaments that my Pawpaw gave my Nanny the first year they were married. I cherish those with every bit of my being. Gregg gave me a set or ornaments our first year of marriage and he told me that he figured I would like to have some to pass down to my granddaughter one year. He is so thoughtful! She is in my heart all the time and I wish she were here, but she is in a much better place now. She is not suffering, she is not tired, she is not greiving the loss of her husband, she is with him and she is with the Savior. What better place could she be?? I long for the day when I see her again! I need to get off this subject.
So I am excited about Christmas Traditions with my family! Brayden and Kenadi are at the age where they will enjoy the opening of presents.. they still don't understand that Santa is the one bringing them, but it will be fun!! This will be the first year that Gregg and I have slept in our house on Christmas Eve and woke up Christmas morning just us!! and the kids of course!! We will have to make some delicious sugar cookies for Santa and have everything so perfect!! I cannot wait!!! Ready to share pictures and video with everyone!! I am still trying to decide on what traditions I want to start with my family! But I still have a couple of weeks to work that out!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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The Mikel Family said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO MERE!!! See you all in about 3 weeks!