November 26, 2008

Day Off and more!

I had a lot going on today!! A day off and I spend all day running!!t! My mom and I took the kids to Andalusia Wal-Mart in hopes to get their pictures made since they haven't had any since they were 3 weeks old!! The Photo center was pretty booked up for the morning, so I decided that I would try to come back another day. We shopped a little bit and Kenadi gave me a stinking heart attack!! I now know why kids are not suppose to stand up in the back of the shopping cart. Kenadi did a graceful flip right out of it on to the hard floor! She cried for just a minute and I of course wanted to cry for her!! I carried her around the rest of the time we were there. After we left there, we went to the park and enjoyed some time there on the swings and the slide. They actually really loved the slide! I figured they would be scared, but they did good!! We headed back to Opp and met my dad and Gregg for lunch at Barr's! After lunch, I took my battered car to Brown's Paint and Body and got an estimate on the damage that little punk did. $600 to fix my car!! WOW!! I guess there goes his Christmas this year... Left there and went by Gregg's Granny's house to see his Aunt Gina since she was in town! Left Kenadi there to take Brayden to get his hair cut. He looks like such a little man now!!! Left there and went to IGA to get some stuff to cook a fabulous Thanksgiving meal for Gregg and I!! Rolled Chicken Breasts, Hot Potatoe Salad, Butter Beans and Crescent Rolls with yummy sugar cookies for dessert!! MMM MMM!!

As much running around as I did today, I have thoroughly enjoyed it!! I love days off with the kids! I wish I had more of them!!! They are so precious and I am missing so much of them!! I have added quite a few pics below! Some are from the park, Some are from the other day (with the boots) and some are from a play date with Heidi.

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The Mikel Family said...

I hate to hear that about Kenadi! :(
Enjoyed the pictures though!!