October 20, 2008

The Day I Became a Mother

May 9, 2007

Ok.. so it all started on October 10, 2006! I was late that month and was worried that I may be pregnant! Yes i used the word worried b/c i was on birth control and me and Gregg had just been married 3 months prior! So Gregg told me to go to Fred's and buy a pregnancy test so I did and he went to a friend's house to help him work on a fourwheeler! Well I told him that I would wait on him.. Well i held my bladder and held my bladder for a long time.. so i just decided to go ahead and take it just to get it out of the way. So i took it and it said positive.. i flipped out.. started crying and just had a break-down! I climbed in the shower and just cried! Meanwhile (45 mins later) Gregg comes home and comes beebopping up in the bathroom (we only had one) and this is his story: "I go in there to use the bathroom and Mere is in the shower.. i see the pregnancy test sitting on the tank of the toilet and i start to look at it and i wasn't quite sure how to read that thing so i grab the box and then i knew what the answer was,.. i snatched back the shower curtain to find Mere curled up in the fetal postion crying her eyes out... i turn the water off and hand her a towel and tell that everything was gonna be ok" back to me.. so he is sitting here reassuring me that it was ok and that we would be fine and yada yada yada... so i get to feeling better.. as we get in bed that night he has a i guess you could call it break down.. not quite as similar as mine.. but he gets all upset about it.. so we were just upset... so.. next day i call to Dr. Bowen's office.. told Melissa that i thought i was pregnant that i took a home test and it was postive.. she set me up for a blood test that afternoon when i got off work. So we got that afternoon and get the blood work done, and the nurse tells us that if we call in a bout an hour she can give us a clue as to if i am pregnant or not (since she wasn't really allowed to tell us) so i waited a long hour and called up there and she said, "well... congratulations".. i was like "gee thanks" and we called and told gregg's granny and grandparents and parents and my grandparents and we went outside and flagged my mom and my sister down too.. my sister couldnt believe it.. (she had just found out that she was pregnant) my mom thought it was hilarious (go figure?) and everyone was just a lil excited for us.. they knew that we werent expecting it and that we were a lil upset so they didnt show too much enthusiasim... well i called the doctor's office the next morning to ask about my blood test results (even though i already knew) and here were Melissa's words "oh yeah, you're very pregnant.. .we have you an ultrasound scheduled for Monday" i was like.. very pregnant?? what does that mean?? so we were puzzled over that statement.. and gregg said it prolly meant i was just further along that we expected!! Anway.. so we go to the ultrasound Monday October 16 (we were off this entire week b/c our wedding was gonna be Oct. 14 so this was suppose to be our honeymoon week.. how ironic) back to the ultrasound.. so i laid up on the table and Mrs. Angie Boyd was the tech.. she was my Sunday School teacher when i was a senior in high school so that was cool.. anway.. she is sitting there and gregg is sitting behind her... she is looking at me.. putting that jelly stuff on my belly and is rubbing it in with the transducer thing when it pops up on the screen and gregg sees it... well he didnt really know what he was looking at but was curious as to why there were 2 black circles with a lil peanut in each one.. well as soon as angie turned her head and looked her eyes kinda got big and Gregg said " no angie" and she was like "how did you know" and he said, "i saw your face.. no.. no way..." and angie was like "i am sorry gregg i can't put that up there"... so meanwhile here i am laying not having a CLUE what is on the screen and hearing them bicker about no..sorry...no.. sorry.. so i am thinking there is something wrong with the baby.. and i finally said.."WHAT IS WRONG" and Gregg said, " It's TWINS" which is acutally kind of funny just now realizing that my husband was the one that broke the news to me not the tech... well anyway.. i laughed.. i couldnt help but laugh.. i dont know what it was so funny to me.. but i couldnt quit laughing... i guess just how things were going... my luck!! so i was 6 weeks 6 days along!! Went and saw the doc immediately following that... He scared me to death about twin moms and how things could go wrong and how one could vanish and all this other scary stuff that a first time mom just LOVES to hear.. yeah right.. but i really liked Dr. Bowen! He was upfront and laid back!! So I had a wonderful pregnancy! Never had the first bit of morning sickness... i did have a few.. and i mean very few nausous spells.. but they passed quickly! i lOVED eating cereal.. we went though like 2 gallons a week! it's all i wanted to eat!! No particular kind.. i bought a different kind everytime i went to the grocery store!! I didn't really look pregnant until i was bout 20 weeks along (yes that's 5 months) it was actually the same time that i found out that it was a boy and girl! That was on Dec. 19. Gregg's mom was there and so was my mom! It was his mom's birthday so that was real special to her! These were her first grandkids!! Anyway!! I had my baby shower in March! And we packed our "hospital bag" then.. you never know when you are going into labor with twins!! we wanted to be ready!! I think i repacked that thing 100 times too!! haha.. I was put on bedrest at 32 weeks!! And enjoyed bed rest.. that had so many shows to watch during the day.. "A Baby Story" "Bringing Home Baby" and a few other's that i enjoyed... i did clean the house my first day home though.. i had hung curtains and stuff when gregg got home from lunch, and he fussed me out and told me that i needed to rest.. so i rested.. and i got bigger and bigger.. i was having to go to the hospital every week then and get a bio physical (ultrasound) and a non stress test... those were a lot of fun b/c i sat there for 30 mins hearing both heart beats racing... and i loved the fact that i could tell the nurse just where to put the monitor!! It was amazing feeling them move so much! Kenadi always stayed right up under my ribs.. and she ALWAYS got the hiccups! Brayden was very low and breech and i could swear sometimes his feet were dangling out my you know what!! Because Brayden was breech we scheduled a c-section for May 15 (37 weeks) My sister was a lil upset about that b/c she was scheduled for her c-section May 14 in Dothan and she would not be able to be there when the twins were born .. anyway.. so on May 8 i get up that morning and ride with my sister and her husband to take her van to enterpise to get serviced and then we drive from there to Geneva so that my sister could turn in her 2 weeks notice.. and then stop at Hardees and eat lunch and then head back to opp.. that afternoon..I went in for my weekly NST and ultrasound and Dr. Bowen came in for this ultrasound b/c he wanted to see how the babies were in my tummy to get ready for the c-section next week... he said everything looked pretty closed up (talking about my cervix) and that he would see me next week!! Boy was i nervous just thinking about it!! well that evening Gregg had a softball game (he was coaching 9-10 girls) and i waddled around up there at his game) We get home that night.. i get a shower and lay on the couch and watch Boston Legal.. i was SOO uncomfortable.. i just tossed and turned and ached... finally i got comfy and fell asleep on the couch.. Gregg woke me up when it was over for me to go to bed..i headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed while he was outside letting Gretchen out to use the bathroom.. as i was walking to the bed.. as soon as i sat down i felt like i had to use the bathroom again.. so i got up and my water broke.. i waddled as fast as i could to the bathroom... and started hollering for Gregg.. well he comes inside and i could tell by his voice that he was aggrevated that i couldnt wait until he came inside to get my attention.. well he comes in and says "What!" and i said.. my water just broke.. and he says, now how do you know? and i said well.. water keeps pouring out and i have no control whatsoever!! so then he goes into "freak out" mode... what do i need to do do i need to call my mom ..do i need to call your mom.. what do i need to do.. and i laughed and said.. uh. .you need to call the doctor!! so he says.. yeah.. and goes and gets his phone and calls the hospital! well he gets our bags all packed up and i wrap a towel between my legs and start heading out the door!! i told him to grab a "pee pee pad" (gretchens dog pad) to put in his truck ( we had just bought it the week before and i was worried about messing it up) So we get to the hospital about 10:30 and as we are circling at the ER there is my pregnant sis with the biggest smile on her face! We get in and the wheel me up to the ob floor and into a room.. the check me to make sure my water had broke... i knew that it had... heck.. i was still leaking fluid when i got there... and then they got me into a gown and up into the bed... Dr. Bowen came in there and started marking lines on my belly for the surgery.. and i asked him how long it would be and he said.. oh you will have babies within the hour.. when he said that me and gregg bout flipped!! OMG We were about to meet these 2 little ones that we have dreamed about for the past 6 months.. what they were gonna look like.. were they gonna be healthy.. and so on... we were so anxious and nervous at the same time! Well the family and friends poured in the next 20 mins or so and told me good luck and all that.. well then the nurse comes in and says "its time to take you to the or" OMG>>> i was so scared... so i get in there and they give me my spinal.. which didnt hurt.. matter of fact the dang iv hurt worse than that.. and then they flopped me down on the table and started hooking oxygen up to me and the anesthesiologist was asking me if i felt ok and all this stuff... well then they let gregg come in.. he was so cute.. he had on the blue gown and the mask and hair net looking thing.. and i could just see the excitement and fear in his eyes.. he asked how i was.. and i think i remember someone taking a picture.. and then the next thing i know i feel a lil bit of tugging going on and then a baby cries... it was Brayden!! and within 20-30 seconds i feel another release of pressure and another baby cries.. it was Kenadi.. i remember hearing them call out the times... and a nurse brought brayden by to see me all wrapped up with a cap on his head.. covered in sticky white stuff... sorry but he was not beautiful.. he was gross looking!! haha.. even gregg laughed and said when he held Brayden he said.. it's ok son.. i still love you..haha... and then i believe gregg brought kenadi by for me to see her for the first time... i knew instantly that she had my nose (bless her heart) well i had to stay in OR for a while b/c they had to sew me up and make sure i was gonna be ok.. i remember getting the shakes and thinking i had parkinsons or something.. so they gave me some medicine that made me instantly nauseous... and then some more to help with that... then bout 30 mins later they rolled my bed out of the OR and into the room... i remember them bringing Brayden in there b/c he would not stop crying.. and the moment the placed him in my arms he stopped.. that was sooo precious!! He won my heart at that moment!! they took him back to the nursery and then brought kenadi in there to me.. i was soo tired and i remember having to give her back to gregg almost instantly b/c i could barely stay awake.. it was like 3:00 in the morning so i went on to sleep.. and we had our first visitor at 6:30 that morning.. it was Aunt Cathy... and from then until we left the hospital the visitors didnt stop.. it was constant!! A lot of people we didnt even know came in there.. the whole "twin" thing caught a lot of attention. They were so healthy!! We let them sun bathe on Thursday b/c we didnt want them to get jaundice.. Brayden was a lil yellow.. fortunately they didnt and we were able to go home Saturday morning!! Here are some pics to enjoy!
This is Brayden Greggory 12:33am 6lbs 6ozThis is Kenadi Reese 12:34am 5lbs 11ozGregg holding BraydenMe holding Brayden and Kenadi


Katelyn Ellis said...

I like to remember Reid's first few days too!! SO SWEET! Glad to know you're blogging too!!! = )

Kylie and crew. said...

What a great story! They are so beautiful.