October 30, 2008

Busy Busy!

So.. it has been a couple of weeks since i blogged... we have been SOO busy.. time is just going by so fast.. our weekends have been busy with going all over the place.. this past week, we had homecoming in Opp.. bobcat's lost :( ... it was probably the 3rd game i have been to since i graduated 5 years ago.. what happened to my bobcat spirit?? i guess that i use to not miss a single football, basketball or softball game for 4 years in a row that i just kinda have enjoyed the past 5 years to know what its like to sit at home.. i do like going and seeing friends and being involved.. but it has been difficult with Brayden and Kenadi up until now.. they are so much fun now... i had memorable moment this week.. i believe it was Monday afternoon when we got home.. i pulled into the yard and got Brayden out of the car and put him down in the yard, walked around and got Kenadi out and put her down and said, "Come on let's go inside." and they walked up the steps and across the porch to the front door stood there and helped me open the storm door and waited while i got my key's out and opened the door.. at the moment i paused and told them that i had dreamed of that moment for a long time.. many times of dragging in 2 carriers and then many times of carrying 2 babies inside at one time.. or one at at time.. but FINALLY they could come inside all by themselves... it was such a great accomplishment and at the same time so upsetting that my babies have become independent toddlers that didnt need me as much as they use to :(

So we did some trick or treating last night.. not much.. i took their costumes with me to pick them up last night so that Papa Shorty and Granny Evelyn could see them.. then i took them to see Granny Elaine and Grandaddy and Grandmama Mikel... Everyone was so happy to see them.. They were pretty pleasant... here are a few pics of them... This one is from Grandmama and Granddaddy Mikel's house

I was proud of this one.. Just shows how much they love each other..

This one was after we got home from the Fall Festival at church Wednesday night.. of course they had to get in another episode of Barney before going to bed

We took them to the Pumpkin Patch that was at Ino Baptist Church. It was a lot of fun.. we were probably there 30-45 mins.. they ran around and tried to roll pumpkins and sit on pumpkins and Kenadi loved playing with the hay... They had this little Scarecrow wood poster things, and Brayden kept playing Peek a Boo behind it.. that was cute.. Here are a few from there!

This is the only one I got with the two of them in the picture and both sitting down.

Brayden was so funny.. he knew i was taking a picture and he just sat there and said "CHEESE" Kenadi enjoyed sliding down the pumpkins saying, "WEE"This one was just too cute!!

Another new thing they did this week was wear gloves for the first time... Gregg said that they were just so tickled with them.. he said Kenadi just kept looking at her hands and laughing

They are such a blessing! I am so glad that life is finally getting enjoyable and funny with them. It's great watching them play together and grow up and love each other. I have looked back at the past 18 months and just think WOW.. what a ride.. only thing is i have just left the track!

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