October 17, 2008

Before the Twins

I wrote this just to remind me of how wonderful my husband and my relationship has always been! Gregg and I met the summer of 1998 at Westivew Baptist Church . I was up in the balcony and I was a very outgoing little going on 8th grader and I just immaturely shouted out, "Hey Gregg!" only knowing him from when he played on my brother's babe ruth baseball team a few years before that. He says that when he looked up and saw me that I just really caught his attention.. says it was my long dark curly hair! Well we always played soccer with the youth group.. for fun of course.. and this is the Gregg back then that I remember.. he was so skinny.. (haha he is gonna kill me if he reads this) and he always came from work so he had on blue jeans with a white t-shirt tucked in and NO belt.. i pick on him about this now!! Well I just thought he was the cutest thing.. and apparently he thought i was too.. well we started officially being a couple on August 3, 1998... we didnt get to go on many dates because i was only 13 and he was 16.. yeah i know i will never let Kenadi date a 16 year old when she is 13.. but Gregg was a good kid!! Well we had good times together.. he let me drive his car alot :) yeah.. i was only 14.. it was a lot of fun for me to do donuts in my front yard.. he kept telling me i needed to stop though b/c i was messing up the grass..haha.. oops! anway.. well then I decided to break up with Gregg.. i was young.. and i guess you could say boy crazy.. haha so we dated other people for a while and didnt really start back "dating" until around the spring of my freshman year... well we broke up and got back together off and on all through my freshman, sophomore and junior year and finally settled in together my Senior year and have been together solid ever since. I figured i would skip all the drama in between! We have been through a lot of tough times together! We both lost our grandparents in 2005. His Papa Rigas died unexpectantly in May and my Nanny lost her battle with cancer in June. That was a very tough and emotional time that we went through and I thank God that we had each other! Before we got married and had kids, our weekends mostly consisted of riding fourwheelers. That was SOOO much fun and nasty too! We were going year round!! We would bundle up in the winter time and freeze our butts off but we would still have a good time! We also got in the horse business for a little while! I have always wanted a horse..my entire life!! So finally i bought one! It was wild as a mustang!! So while trying to break it, we almost broke Gregg's back!! I took it and sold it at the sale in Brewton! Then i used all of my savings and bought a broke quarter horse and named her Zoe! I loved and miss that horse so much! She was terrified of water and very good with kids! We could just throw Ashton up there and ride her all around the yard! She died of colic right in the middle of my parents divorce and planning my wedding. I just remember coming home from helping my mom paint her new house and she was dead.. i was so devastated :( They came and buried her the next day! So i am out of the horse business now.. I have decided that i will stay out of it until Brayden or Kenadi get a lil older and start asking for one.. anway.. so this has become a pretty long post so i need to sum it up with some pics!!
This was Gregg and me on the jetski out in the water at Destin.. after my senior prom
This was us on the way home from Destin one day that we just went and spent the day. That was a very nice day.. I took the tabletop grill and had hamburger patties and we stayed at the beach a while then grilled out and went to bass pro and then came home.. it was a very well spent day!!
This is me after doing some donuts at Southern Ridge in Dozier.. i think this was Aug 2004

Gregg and me stuck!! This was what we called "swamp city" It was a couple of miles above my house! We made some trails and had a BLAST here many times!!

This was my beautiful horse Zoe! I miss her so much!

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