October 15, 2008

All about us!

Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to let you know a little about my family!! For those of you who don't know us, let me start off with the "Head of the Household" :)
Gregg- Gregg is my DH (darling husband) We have been married since July of 2006 and we have known each other since August of 1998.. it was love at first sight... awww... :) We dated off and on throughout high school but always seemed to get right back to each other!! Gregg is 26 and works as the Branch Manager for Superior Bank in Opp, AL. He loves his job!! He enjoys playing Golf and is currently into his new Bow that he bought. So he will probably be spending a lot of time up a tree this fall/winter! He is a good husband and daddy Enough about him let's go on to his better half!

Meredith- This is me! I am sorry that I don't have any individual pictures of us, but this is pretty much how we always look, a baby in our arms. I will be 24 in Novemeber. I work at the Opp Housing Authority as the Section 8 Coordinator. My job is just that- a job. I help low-income families with rental assistance! I enjoy playing golf with Gregg and spending any spare time with Brayden and Kenadi. I like to take pictures and i would LOVE to learn to sew and wish I had the time to scrapbook. I love singing and hope to pass that on to my children! There's really not much I know to say about myself so let's move on to the lil' monsters.
Brayden- This is my sweet little boy! He was born on May 9, 2007 at 12:33a.m. tipping the scale at 6lbs 6oz. He is such a curious, observant little boy. He is very smart and his vocabulary just multiplies everyday! He LOVES bananas and that is acutally what he is eating in the picture. He also likes to dance with Barney and read books. I think his absolute favorite thing to do is to aggrevate his lil' sister Kenadi! They play pretty well together most of the time.. but there are some days where they fight over everything! I love watching them play peek a boo around the crib! It is just adorable!! He has been such a joy!
Kenadi- This is my precious little girl! She was born on May 9, 2007 at 12:34a.m weighing 5lbs 11oz. She has really put mommy and daddy though some stress too! She was born with a kidney problem and had to have a major surgery at 13 weeks! She is such a trooper though.. She is much tougher than I could ever imagine being. She is my "spit fire" she has got one ramer temper!! haha.. but she LOVES giving out kisses in an instant. She is a big fan of pacies! They keep her happy at night and when she is tired! She loves to get toys that Brayden has and let him chase her for it. She loves him so much!
So this is our bunch! We have a pretty crazy life most of the time, and it feels like we never have enough hours in the day or days in the week! I love every minute of being a wife and a mom! I wouldn't take it back for nothing! I am very happy with my life! I am glad that I have a good husband to help me and take care of us! We love to hang out with our family and we are in the process of clearing 2 lots that we bought back in July. They are in Whispering Pines subdivision. We are hoping to start building our house at the first of next year! I am very excited about that! I did the floor plan so it's is gonna mean a lot to me! Only problem is we won't be able to walk to church anymore :) We go to church at Southside Baptist in Opp. We love it! I am teaching the 1-2 yr olds in sunday school (yes that means brayden and kenadi) but I am really enjoying it! I have a huge passion for little ones and hope to really get involved with the children's ministry there! Anway.. I am sure that I will post many more blogs and you will know plenty enough about me and my wonderful family! God Bless!!

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Jean said...

Hi Meredith,such a beautiful family you have. I enjoyed reading about you and looking at the pictures of your beautiful children. You take care, jean